The Study on Extracting Deep Collapse Hazardous Streams, Hazard Mapping
    and Installation of Rainfall Gauging Station in East Java

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Jember, East Java, Indonesia

The objectives of the study are to prepared deep seated potential hazard maps and debris flow hazard maps for seleted areas in Jember, West Sumatra, and Sulawesi and to prepare a draft manual for researching banjir bandang (flash flood) hazardous areas and a manual for emergency evacuation for banjir bandang.

SRDP provided the following GIS services:

  • Development of a comprehensive database covering the target areas of the study, namely, Jember in East Java Province, Tanah Datar in West Sumatra, and Palu/Sinjai in Sulawesi. to support various analysis works for the study
  • Database and GIS support to the multidisciplinary team
  • Analysis of deep collapse landslide potential and debris flow hazard in selected catchment areas in Jember, Padang and Sulawesi
  • Preparation of manuals for analyzing landslide potential, debris flow hazard and evacuation for flash floods

Sample Outputs:

Satellite Imagery: Kali Jompo (Kabupaten Jember)
Catchment Area
Satellite Imagery: South Jember Catchment Area Slope Map: East Jember Catchment Area
Landslide Potential Map
by Means of Topographical Factor: Palu
Landslide Potential Map
by Means of Combined Factors: Sinjai (Sulawesi)
DEM: Kali Jompo

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