Master Plan for Flood Management in Metro Manila
     and Surrounding Areas

The World Bank
Metro Manila and Surrounding Areas, Philippines

Due to natural causes, such as typhoons, and to rapid developments in Metro Manila and its surrounding areas, flood vulnerability has continued to be a problem throughout the years. And while the risk increases, flood management measures (both structural and non-structural) remain inadequate.

It has become necessary that a risk assessment study be conducted. With this, a comprehensive flood risk management plan to guarantee safety against risks and mitigate potential damages.

SRDP provided the following GIS services:

  • Research and collection of data
  • Development of GIS database for Metro Manila and the surrounding areas
  • GIS support to multi disciplinary team
  • Preparation of spreadsheets to estimate damages caused by floods
  • Preparation of maps
  • Preparation of GIS reports

Sample Outputs:

Typhoon Ondoy Flood Simulation Typhoon Ondoy Flood Simulation by Pasig-Marikina River
(If There's No Manggahan Floodway
and Napindan Gate is Closed)
Probable Flood by Upper Marikina River
(10-Year Return Period)
Expected Residential/Built-up Areas Geologic Map Typhoon Ondoy 2-Day Rainfall

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