The Study on Comprehensive Urban Development Plan for Greater Kumasi
    in the Republic of Ghana

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Kumasi City, The Republic of Ghana

Kumasi is the capital city of Ashanti Region. Kumasi City (Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, KMA) has a population of approximately 2.0 million. Kumasi has been a commercial centre of the regional economy. Kumasi also has been playing the role of the transport and logistics centre for international distribution networks covering the surrounding landlocked countries, such as Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger.

For sustainable development of a key centre of the economy, transport and logistics not only for Ashanti Region, but also for economic development of the nation, mid-term and long-term comprehensive and strategic development plans are required for Greater Kumasi Sub-Region. Furthermore, the formulation of land use plans and sector development plans in line with the sub-regional strategic plan are also necessary.

The objectives of the Project are as follows:

  • To formulate a Spatial Development Framework for the Greater Kumasi Metropolitan Area,
  • To formulate a Structure Plan to guide the development and/or redevelopment of the Greater Kumasi Metropolitan AreaData processing
  • To formulate implementation and management plans for the Structure Plan, andPreparation of maps
  • To carry out relevant technology transfer to Ghanaian counterparts through the Study.GIS database development

The following services were provided:

  • GIS Training to the planners and other local counterparts
  • Preparation of maps
  • GIS database development
  • Preparation of GIS Manual
  • Data processing

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